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    Life Time Testers (LTT)

    The LTT1 simulates a life cycle of the DUT2 in fast motion
    • it simulates the DUT inputs
    • it puts original or, as needed, dummy loads on the DUT outputs
    • continuous data transfer via all interfaces of the DUT
    • the response of the DUT is continuously monitored
    • parameters are recorded and analysed
    • false responses are documented
    • several DUT are operated in parallel
    • DUT are protected from destruction

    1 LTT: life time tester
    2 DUT: device under test

    Breakout Box

    Breakout box is located between LTT and DUT cable
    • all connections to the DUT can be measured
    • all signals to the DUT can be separately monitored
    • feeding of external signals, simulations, loads is possible


    A cable is a customised connection from the DUT to its peripheral equipment
    • temperature-resistant Teflon lines (-40C to +180C)
    • salt-resistant
    • leak-tightness in humidity and water tests
    • high mechanical load capacity in vibration tests
    • high voltage up to 1,500V

    Functional Testers

    Mobile test unit, designed for field use
    • compact and robust design (19" rack)
    • storage and archiving of test results
    • functions can be quickly checked
    • the DUT is contacted via a needle adapter
    • other DUT variants/types can be used by changing the peripheral unit
    • all physical quantities can be recorded
    • standard interfaces are provided

    Programming Stations

    The programming station ensures the online programming of components
    prior to final assembly
    • use in manufacturing chains
    • online programming of radio systems
    • programming of customised firmware
    • data management through common database systems
    • designed for industrial manufacturing

    Electrical Test Systems

    Automated testing of components in the automotive industry
    conforming to the LV 124 standard
    • generic structure of the switch matrix and electronic measuring equipment
    • self-test of the test hardware
    • all lines of the DUT are protected against overloads
    • modular design, number of test pins is scalable
    • all lines of the DUT are monitored in "real time"

    HV Test Systems

    High-voltage test of integrated power units
    • testing of operational safety of 230V connections
    • final inspection in the manufacturing process (notebooks)
    • documentation of test results in the database

    Mechanical Devices

    Simulation of a user
    • pneumatic, electro-mechanical and hydraulic control
    • testing and monitoring of the control unit
    • long-term loading tests

    Calibration Systems

    Automatic calibration system guarantees quality assurance
    • measurement of all peripheral equipment of test piece
    • calibration of complete measuring circuits
    • documentation with calibration certificate
    • fault diagnosis


    Global features
    • Europa card 160x100mm 1
    • 2 x Flexray notes
    • Every note with 2 cannels
     Electrotechnic parameters:
    • MFR 4310 Controller
    • TJA 1080 bus driver
    • 12V operating voltage
    • Application: dynamic link library
    • Managment software for FIBEX data
    • Data recording function
     Communication Interface
    • RS485 Interface
    • Reliability and emc labs
    • Development department
    • Production lines
    • Service points and test cars
    Expandable as stand alone device with power supply, USB, etc.

    LED Test System

    Testing and monitoring continiously LED Lighting System
    • Voltage range 0-30V
    • Current range 0-10A
    • Measurement accuracy <1%
    • Sample rate 10ms
    • Calibrated Measurements System
    • Outputs current / voltage controlled
    • up to 6 test devices
    • Separate output for each other configurable, controllable and monitored
    • History Files as *.txt file
    • PTA Analysis as Oracle Database
    • Compact and free configurable test and monitoring systems
    • TCC control
    • a lot of temperature and humidity record channels (temperature sensor PT100)
    • programmable over ITTS Console, LabView, C++
    • 1x CAN, 1x K-Line
    • USB Connection to main PC

    Mini LTT

    Designed for mobile application
    • Compact size for quick transport and start-up
    • Robust case and industrial components
    • Smart design to expand or re-use the internal equipment
    • Calibrated system over 12 months (whole DUT periphery)
    • Powered inside with ARM 7 Controller
    • Management tools by ITTS Console and National Instruments (LabView, TestStand)